Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey guess what?

O to the M to the G, can you believe it! I don't want to make a big deal in real life because I can't figure out any way to say the phrase "working on a novel" without sounding like a jerk but seriously I'm so proud of myself right now I can hardly stand it.

Make no mistake, it stinks so out loud that if I printed it it would actively smell bad, but I think it has good bones and I think I'm going to pursue making it into to something I wouldn't mind if other people read. But even if it never leaves my computer, I literally cannot remember a time in my life where I haven't wanted to write a book, academic, fiction, whatever, just a book. In fact, I used to write Ninja Turtles fanfic when I was a kid (seriously, my little brother illustrated them and I think my mom still has them) but when I got older and learned to doubt myself I gave novel writing a shot several times and always crapped out after like twelve pages. But something about having to cram all of this into such a short time period took all the pressure off and it just came out. I did the last 10,000 words in 48 hours.

So, in summary, Today is a pretty good day for walking around like I own the place.


melody said...

SHUT THE FREAK UP!!! Holy crap, woman! You rock the block! Will you post more details soon, pleeeeeease?

Summer said...

Aww. Thanks.
What details do you want?

Summer said...

Oops I'm an idiot. I was running on very little sleep when I wrote this. I thought I put what it was about and stuff, but apparently I didn't.

Bascially, it's a Young Adult novel, or it's supposed to be right now. It always bothered me that the scant few times I've ever seen a fat protagonist in any media, unless it's a John Candy movie, fat is always their one defining characteristic and this albatross that is understood as a liability by the audience. In order to like themselves the character has to a) lose weight, b) obtain a romantic partner (who can look past their body, not actually like it that way), c) get popular by unrealistic means, or some combination of the above. And I'm trying to do something where none of these things happen, and her fat is not an understood enemy.
I'll definitely post more details, and probably even some excerpts when it's not so rough. I'm taking a couple weeks completely away from it right now since it's all I've been doing for the last month and I don't want to burn out on it like I do so many things.

You're pretty!