Thursday, April 21, 2011

Past the awkward phase. Maybe?

I think I'm moving past the jittery phase with one of my potential mom friends. She's the one I keep accidentally insulting. Or at least I thought I was. Today at lunch I finally just broke down and was like,

"You've probably not given this a second thought, but I obsess so..."

And then proceeded to list all the ways I've possibly offended her and how I so didn't mean it that way. Happily, after she got done wiping her eyes from all the laughing she said she never thought I meant anything bad and if she did get insulted she had "rhino skin" from growing up in the middle of three brothers and promised she would just give me a hard time if I said something upsetting.

I am so relieved. I've decided to try and believe her and not think about this one thing that I said later.

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