Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time alone

My son attended is first dress rehearsal so to speak of pre-school today. They have a little Summer camp thing for half a day Tuesdays and Thursdays the next two weeks. I cried and cried in front of strangers, and after they had peeled my son away from me one of the strangers literally chased me down to give me a big hug and assure me that they would "Hug him and rock him and love him like he is our own. I promise we won't just let him cry." That was nice of her, especially because I was sort of snippy with her the first time she tried to take him.

He must have stopped melting down almost immediately, because just as I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw him pushing a pink shopping cart in the playground with the biggest THIS. IS. AWESOME! face I've ever seen.

I think it was good for him though. He's been spontaneously talking a lot since we came home which he almost never does, sometimes he's saying things I didn't even know he could say. It's kinda crazy. They said he didn't cry anymore after they got outside and he played with other kids and ate his snack and did what they told him. I'm so freakin' proud and also kind of sad that he's growing up so fast.

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