Thursday, December 3, 2009

From Co-Sleeper to Crib

So last night my husband (thankfully) noticed that our son will soon be too old/too heavy for our co-sleeper bassinet. This means we will have to start transitioning him to his crib soon. Our son is nearly 7 months old and I knew this day would come but I'm afraid of it. We don't have a baby monitor and even with all the doors open I don't really trust us to hear him from his room. Initially, I thought maybe we could start by bringing the crib into our room, but it won't fit through the door. We could take it apart, but by the time we took it apart to move into our room and then took it apart again to move it back into his room when he's ready, I'd start to be suspicious of its structural integrity.

There is a futon in the nursery so I think I might start out with him in the crib and me sleeping on the futon. I don't know. It's probably all for nothing but this whole thing just fills me with anxiety. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. (A baby monitor is out. We're not making purchases right now.)

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