Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am a Liar

I lie all the time. I lie to everyone. Right now I have had to make my husband hold my baby while I come up here and decompress because my baby is teething and has been cranky for 3 days and nothing pleases him and I just. can't. take. it. So I have to sit up here and let some anxiety out before I can return to being a mommy in order to do my job well.

But, and here's where the lying happens, outside of my husband and anyone who reads this I guess, no one will ever know it. I have never said a negative thing about my baby to anyone because I don't want him to ever hear it as a child. It used to really hurt my feelings as a kid to listen to my aunts and uncles talk about how much I cried as a baby and what a pain in the ass it was that I *gasp* cried a lot as a premature infant. It stings a little even now, even though I know that I was just being a baby and they are all idiots I still feel twinges of guilt for putting my parents through that. I won't have my son feeling like that.

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melody said...

I salute you for this! I just think it's ridiculous to tell a child that he/she was a difficult baby -- as if there is one single 'easy' baby on the planet, aside from those babies being raised by a paid professional!! Babies cry, as it's their only means of communication and stress release.