Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fear of Success

I'm not really afraid of success. I don't think. But I do have to stop submitting to agents on the faith that they won't request materials, because now I'm afraid I've blown my chance with the only two who will ever request materials.

The good news: I am two for two in queries resulting in requested materials.

The bad news: I had to pull a synopsis out of my butt because one of the reasons I queried this agency was because they didn't require one. Lo and behold when they requested my first three chapters, they also requested a synopsis.

The other bad news: Because of the synopsis frenzy, I forgot that in Chapter Two I had place marked something with an asterisk that I had recently added because the last line is a bit of plagiarism from Glee that I put in with the intention of changing it later so as not to interrupt my flow. So it is 1)plagiarism that is 2) wildly inappropriate and 3) marked with an asterisk to ensure she won't skim past it without noticing it.

And she told me in her e-mail she had an eight to twelve week turn around time so I have around that long to dwell on my idiocy.

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Danny said...

I think you should keep the asterisks every few pages, and link them to footnotes that say things like: "Did you see that coming? I bet you didn't." and "You're totally into this story aren't you? Do you think we can get that Twilight lady to do a cover blurb?"