Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking the Good with the Bad

The Good:
I've been running again. Sort of. I ran a mile without stopping last night. I know that's not that far, but I hadn't run since before my son was born so this is a big deal. Plus, this involves taking some time for myself which is not something I have been able to do much of in the last year so it's a milestone in that regard as well. I love running but when I got pregnant the nurse told me not to exercise AT ALL because my chance of miscarrying is higher than average. So I quit cold turkey of course and then when I finally saw a doctor, he told me that I should only be avoiding exercise I wasn't used to. By then however, I was super paranoid about what "used to" would mean for me at that point and was basically to terrified to do anything beyond a leisurely stroll. So this is great. I'm running again. I run.

The Bad (or at least mildly sucky):
I tried to scale back on the breastfeeding and the day after we began this new routine, our son spiked a fever that lasted for days. So now we're back to normal breastfeeding and I'm totally gunshy about trying again. I think I may have to go to college with him.

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Stephanie said...

A mile is GREAT! I haven't run in a super long time, and I know I couldn't run a mile without stopping. Hey, when my allergies are bad, I can't even walk a mile without stopping. So, yeah, way to go! Glad you're running! :)