Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekly meal plan

I so totally need a copywriter. I am awful at coming up with titles. At any rate here is this week's Mindful Menus meal plan.

Monday: Chicken Tacos with Rice and Black Beans
Tuesday: Shrimp and Crab Fettucini Alfredo
Wednesday: Meatlog and Green Beans
Thursday: Multigrain Pancakes, Turkey Bacon, and Scrambled Eggs
Friday: Ground Beef Tacos

If you're wondering about the two tacos nights, I do that because my Pinto (rice and beans) recipe makes way more than we need and mixing it directly into the ground beef and salsa makes it a good texture and helps soak up the salsa so the "taco", which are really burritos aren't so drippy. Meatlog is basically a stuffed meatloaf, or at least it used to be until I just started combining all the ingredients in a skillet and cooking it that way which is way easier and just as good. The shrimp and crab recipe will be the new thing we're trying this week so we'll see how that goes as seafood and pasta recipes have thus far ended in heartbreak.

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