Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grave Disappointment

My mother was an elected official. She just lost her primary last night and it is simply devastating. She's worked in this office tirelessly for her community for nearly two decades, though only four years in this exact position. Her office is the most financially stable it has ever been. Crime is down 21% even in these troubled economic times, partly due to her efforts. She is the first woman to hold this position. And she just plain deserved to win. I would still have voted for her even if she was not my mom, and I'd be upset no matter how this played out, but it is a particular slap in the face that both candidates heading for the runoff are woefully unqualified and only in it for the title. They just know how to run effective unethical campaigns.


Stephanie said...

So sorry to hear that! It's really upsetting how the distorted things can get when it comes to politics.

Summer said...

Thanks. It's very tough right now, I appreciate the support.